Wednesday, October 7, 2009

what i love....

right now:

-owl city - fireflies (amazing: go listen now)

-my wedding dress (can't show a picture b/c my fiance might look!)
-afternoon naps

-hot showers

-reading (specifically Fire by Kristin Casho
-my fiance's new haircut(an awesome euro hawk that i did)(no thats not a picture of my fiance... its just some guy)
-i'll admit i'm a geek but: sims 3
- The Vampire Diaries

-Mace Ballard (my brothers band)
So i've been trying to get Fire by Kristin Cashore (Graceling was the first book and was amazing) and so i went Oct 5, but alas it wasn't at Barnes and Noble yet (even tho the date said Oct 5) so i went Oct 6 (yea i went the next day.. ) and again... no book. Even tho online it says its there.... weird. so off i go again, they say 3rd times the charm... we'll see