Sunday, November 15, 2009

Concert time

Dear People Who Stood Next to Me At The Thrice/Dear Hunter Concert,

While chain smoking might be fun for you in a small building filled with people, it is not fun for those who are bystanders and are smoke free. While i'm telling you how rude it was to blow smoke in my face let me tell you that the constant banging on the pole got quite annoying. Thanks for a great evening!
p.s. isn't smoking illegal in buildings now?

Dear Dear Hunter,

You are A-Maz-Zing! I've never seen 6 people fit on such a small stage but you did it with grace and style!
p.s. i loved the dancing moves

Dear Thrice,

Please let your Awesomeness rub off on the band who goes first in your concert, not Dear Hunter because they are wonderful, the other guys who started. And keep writing those earth element songs, they are great.

Sorry I have no pictures for this amazing concert but I don't know how to send pics from my phone online and my phone doesn't take good pictures...oh well.

well worth it!