Tuesday, October 16, 2012

DIY - Pant Alteration

I found an easy way to shorten my pants and keep the original hem. Since I am 5'2" many of my pants are a bit too long to wear. They drag on the ground and make the bottoms look frayed and even get holes in them. I decided to give this a try and boom, it worked! Here is my step by step picture guide:
(Warning: I am not a professional and my step by step will not be perfect!)

Tip Junkie

Start off with pants that are too long:

Measure how much you want to take off, divide that number in half and fold it up. Do not measure the original hem because we are keeping that part. (Confused? If you want to take 2 in off, fold your pants over with 1 in showing. If you want to take off 4 in, fold your pants over with 2 in showing. Got it?)

Iron it. 

Pin it.

Sew it. Sew to the right of the hem and make sure it is close. 

When your done, flip your hem back down and iron it. At this point some people like to cut the excess off that you sewed. Go for it. 

Now my pants actually fit me! Enjoy.