Sunday, June 21, 2009


In 2 days I am going as a missionary to Brazil for about 2 weeks. I'm kind of a veteran because this is my 5th year. Not only is it my 5th year but I know all of the songs the Portuguese leader made for us and I still don't know how to speak Portuguese... how this happens after going so many times is beyond me.

It's a pretty awesome ministry because we go to orphanages and put on bible skits with our awesome costumes and act out the scenes in silence because most of us can't speak portuguese.
(Lovely costumes)

We sing songs that we've been practicing for months and hope the kids understand us. Then at the end we have an anointing service where our priest anoints the kids and anyone who wants it with blessed oil.

Its amazing because we sometimes can't tell if we are getting our message across to the kids of Christ's love for everyone and pointing them to the cross but at this point the kids are crying and pushing to get in the lines for the blessing. Then of course we have presents and crafts.
Its always a busy time but in the end it's all worth it. (except when there are huge spiders like this in my room!)
This is one of the signs at a beach we go to... (it says Danger - Area in greater risk of shark attack!)
We get a great beach day (with guys in speedos.. sweet)
And play around in the historical sites we visit
That was the trip in a nushell, we literally spend all day from 7 am till 10 pm sometimes doing these bible schools. Yea we fool around and have our fun to keep us sane but its not a vacation to rest on. It takes alot but we get so much in return that there is no better feeling when you leave an orphanage and all of the kids are crying and hugging you, not wanting you to leave.

God truly uses us even when we don't have much to offer.

So the last 3 years my boyfriend came with me, but he's not coming this year. It'll be so different without him!

It is a beautiful country.
Has anyone been on a mission trip before?