Friday, June 12, 2009

Boyfriend Post

I just had to write that my boyfriend comes home in 4 days! Am I excited? Heck ya!

We are kinda cute, I think.. he's manly enough to wear a feathered mask for me!

I might as well just tell the story of how we met. So we both grew up in the same church, just different states. I grew up in CT, him in PA. The first time we saw each other we went to camp together when we were around 9 ish. We did not like each other.. at all. We were playing soccer together and viciously trying to one up the other one. (We both were soccer players) SOo.. from that moment on I disliked him. Then he moved away from PA with his family when he was 10, and they moved away from the church. He came to some camps and we interacted a little, like flirting a little.. he had grown up. I must say he got way cuter too, lol.

(This is a picture I sneaked when he first came to CT, he's the one in the white sweatshirt!) The other guys I grew up with and the one on the left is my brother.

So in December of 2005, he was on his way to Israel to get his life together and follow the Lord. It just so happened that his flight was in NY, really close to my church. His flight got cancelled and he ended up staying at our church with his grandma through out the Christmas holiday. We went to PA together with our families and ended up going on a date January 1st. It was a great way to start off the new year.

(Our first date.. )
He called me on the phone one February morning (he was still living in Maryland) and asked me to date him.. and we have been together ever since. (Lame proposal I know but hey, it worked!)

(Together for 3 years and 4 months...)
Now all I'm waiting for is this thing that comes in a box, all wrapped up and bought with alot of love..