Wednesday, July 29, 2009

{Short n Sweet}

I've been really busy since I last left a post and here's whats been going on:

-went to Brazil (amazing)
-went on family vacation (in love with LBI and beaches)
-got engaged at said family vacation (more in love with new fiance and engagement ring... still deciding which i love better... lol j/k)
-went straight from fam vaca to now said fiance's parents house for a little birthday celebration (23! woot woot!)
-got home (still haven't unpacked yet)
-have been painting at the school i work in for 2 weeks straight (love painting, hate painting an entire school)
-found out i had to move from one church house to another (i keep reminding myself that change is good..i think)
-now painting said new room (by myself: so its boring)
(all the while working on curriculum, what i want in my classroom, where it is going to go, etc)

Busy Busy!
God Bless!