Thursday, December 31, 2009

Calling my bridesmaids:

so i need some help if you have time and i know some of you said you'd like to help so here are some things:
-suggestions for favors
-songs to play at my wedding!
-things you liked at other weddings
-hairstyles (for me and you!)
-centerpiece suggestions
-anything else you can think of!

I just bought my invitations:
(and i'm so excited about them! they are just elegant looking without having to fuss about it matching colors)

and my wedding bands so things are starting to pick up!

(it would be pretty sweet if some of you got blogs and wrote in them (emilie)! They are so easy to keep and it would be easy to share our ideas and pictures and stuff... please!

p.s. i am in the midst of choosing my specific colors for your dresses, its hard because the ones i like have limited dress choices on davids bridal. here's what i'm thinking: clover and juniper and i'm thinking yes!
-Can the CT peeps help me look for hotels near monroe or trumbull that are nice and cheap at the same time?

Thanks guys! Congrats to Jamie getting engaged!! Yay!cute couple!