Friday, January 1, 2010

cowboys and christmas go together.....somehow

my first night of the new year:
so i just came back from a night of cowboy christmas..... what is that you ask? well i'll tell you... a maryland play filled with cowboys, singing, live horses, and cute activities to do beforehand. not to mention a cowboy who was in the guiness book of world records for rope spinning and fastest drawing of the gun, i think.. but cool anyways.

now dont get me wrong... i didnt choose to go but the fiances family took us. it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be and had a nice message about god.

before it started we got to take old western photos... dont judge.
it was fun. and ridiculous. at the same time.

and i'm told i look adorable so maybe i'll share the pictures of embarrassment for your enjoyment. whoever you are. (i was told i was adorable by the fiances grandmother.. but aren't all grandmothers supposed to say that?)

anywho: the marshmallow roasting was quite fun too. and i do love me some marshmallows and fireplaces. so was the pitcher of ice tea being knocked all over the place by the fiances dad.... hilarious!! i felt bad for the woman cleaning it tho....

so all in all it was a nice event to do with family. i didn't die of boredom and got a pretty cool dessert out of it: ice cream with brownies (yum!)

pictures will come when i try to put them on my computer.