Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Say hello to my little friends

I am super excited about my new fish! My poor class has been fish-less since Christmas break ended and my glofish froze from freezing temperatures... oops.

Mickey Mouse Platy are adorable... why are they called Mickey Mouse? Take a look at their fins... and you find yourself face to face with Mickey's silhouette....


I was told there was one male and one female. So hopefully I can get some Mickey Mouse platy babies! They swim together so they must like each other...

My class hasn't named them yet but there is almost no point in letting them do it since they never remember what they named them in the first place..... so it will either be gilbert and grape or mickey and minnie.... mickey and minnie sounds cuter.....

Hello Mickey and Minnie!

p.s. heres to hoping they dont get sucked into my filter like my last ones did!

p.p.s. in other news I am the proud owner of furniture! Exciting i know.... more on that later because i need something to write for my next post... i'm just boiling over with creativity at the moment... not