Sunday, February 7, 2010

look on the bright side

I want to stop thinking about all of the negatives in my life and start looking at the positives so here are the positives:

-3 out of 4 of my fish didn't die from Ick

-I survived the Blizzard of 2010

-2 feet of snow has been my dream! (so i'm living my dream)

-my fiance moves into our house this weekend... so i have somewhere to watch TV and learn to cook.

-the girl i babysit finally said i love you to me, on the phone, after 1 and a half years of babysitting

-we're almost done painting the downstairs!

-i'll be the new owner of couches, a bangin TV, and a lovely bedroom set
(which will not be used until after the honeymoon, so i just get to look at its wonderful beauty) this weekend...

-since my county has declared itself in a state of emergency i hope we have no school for a while

there's prob a ton more but this was just supposed to be a quick post! i'll get pics up soon.