Monday, March 8, 2010

what i'm reading now:

I haven't had any inspiration to write in my blog until now:

On my walk to the library, which is like 2 blocks away from where i work, i noticed that today is the warmest day where i live since 6 months ago. so nice infact that i decided to walk to the library (2 weeks ago i drove my car... yes just 2 blocks) and my coat was indeed unzipped... lovely

On my walk back to school, i remembered seeing on all of the chat forums how people had decided to make a reading goal for 2010. i've wanted to make one but just didnt think i'd make it even tho i read a ton every year. so better late then never.. my goal for 2010 is to read 25 books... or 50... i dunno we'll see how far i get.

I'm in the midst of reading like 10 books:

The Mark (i just started today)

What No One Tells the Bride (just started reading yesterday)(a married friend let me borrow it)

Catching Fire (for the millionth time)
Dead Until Dark

ok only 4 books. but all at once... yes. why? i can't stop myself from starting a book when i get caught up in the world. i wanted my goal to say that i had to read 25 new books that i've never read before but i love rereading my old books so much that that just wouldn't happen.

so here is a goal that i know i can accomplish in 2010... and since i made it easy to change from 25 to 50 i feel like it will be a great year where i'll finally set a goal and get it done! go me!
I could also set a goal to be married by the end of the year but that would be cheating....