Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Book List and wedding plans ago

So I'm done with #3 of my 25 books and i can't wait to get started on my new ones:

The Constant Princess

The Remnant

Books to Read:
The Constant Princess
The Remnant
The Red Queen
GoneAmong the Hidden
The Giver
Life as We Knew ItUnwind
The Sky Inside
Haroun and the Sea of Stories

Books Finished:
Dead Until Dark
What No One Tells the Bride

I realize that since i'm so close to getting married maybe i should be talking about whats going on with the planning... to be quite honest - its been at a stand still. i just got done with holy week service and this weekend i am hosting my sister in laws wedding shower: jack and jill style. i'm a little nervous because not alot of the young guys want to come but a bunch of the husbands do.. so we'll see how that goes.
there have been some bumps along the road, like me not being involved in some of the planning even tho i'm the host... but alls good now. invitations were sent out.. a little late but i had my own invitations to be pushed out since i wasted time... procrastinator till the very end.
its a beach/paradise theme. so i bought cute decor like leaves, hibiscus fringe, leis, and one very important centerpiece:
fishbowls with fish. oh yea.

my sister in law wanted them for her actual wedding and that idea got vetoed so i wanted to make her happy. i hope i can get these fish and keep them alive for the shower.

tomato bisque, chicken salad, cake... what can i say but that it'll be a great night.

since there is only one other bridesmaid that lives near me and the bride to be, we are the only ones that will be there to host. so i gave the bridesmaid one job: find games. only come to find out that brides mom (my mother in law) hates bridal games and told her no games..... uh what?

so i'll be doing some damage control thurs when i meet up with said bridesmaid. the joy of being the maid of honor.. i guess i should look forward to the fact that i'll be the matron of honor in may.

anyone else have this much to deal with when wedding planning?

3/25 books read in 2010!