Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Book Update:

Finished: What No One Tells the Bride & The Mark (Left Behind series)

Still Reading: Desecration & Catching Fire & Dead Until Dark

Awesome, 2 down, 23 to go.

So the stomach flu is a doozy... headaches, cramps, nauseousness, fever, and i wont even go into the embarrassing parts. I was on my way to having a great weekend at home (CT) with my family and getting wedding stuff done when bam... stomach flu. not cool... not cool.

I did however get a pretty funny story to tell from my airport ride home to Pitt....

I was flying with a friend and while i had fallen asleep a Flight Attendent asked a woman to put on her seat belt during the flight, its FDA regulations. The woman's response? Why?
um.... really lady? why? oh i dont know... because its the law.... if we hit turbulance you wont go flying....
anyways. the flight attendent continued to tell her she is just doing her job and that she is required to have it on... so instead of just listening to her she says:
can i have your name please?
what? lady are you serious? the flight attendent says i gave it to u at the beginning of the flight, please put your seat belt on. the lady's response?
can i have your name?
at this point my friend is thinking to herself.. you're kidding me right? just put the dumb seat belt on!
so in the end the flight attendent leaves and the lady puts her seat belt on....

now on the way off the plan i end up behind her. she stops the line and asks the lady for her name again... seriously....
but i'm glad the male flight attendent behind her backed her up and firmly told the lady.. we dont give out our names now please step off the plane you are blocking the exit.

ridiculous.... and funny. plane rides are usually boring... but not this one!

sorry if the story was long and not funny.. welcome to my life.

2/25 books read in 2010!