Wednesday, April 21, 2010

home decorating

if i was able to decorate my staircase i'd want to do it this way:

From sawdust and paper scraps blog

my home right now has a narrow staircase with walls on either side going up so its not possible but its a great idea to keep in mind!

house to-do list:
-get kilz primer
-spot paint with kilz in living room, dining room, and hallway from leaking
-repaint living room, dining room spots
-paint hallway
-put desk in small office room
-paint guest room
-paint master bedroom
-clean up dining room from all paint supplies
-decorate living room, dining room, master/guest bedroom

right now my life is so full of things i need to do that i wish i had eloped..... no really i do.
i wish i had some motivation