Monday, June 14, 2010

i'll be the first to say it...

i'm horrible at blogging.

when i have writers block (which is all the time) i can't find a reason to write.

i have been married now for 2 weeks. woohoo! but marriage doesn't really start until your honeymoon ends (thats how i see it) because your honeymoon is nothing like what real life is like together. 

and its going great.

things i love:
-having a house
-having someone to sleep with (yes i waited until marriage)
-everything that comes with a house:
    -an actual kitchen (i have lived on a floor with no real kitchen, just a room with a microwave and fridge)
    -a queen bed (awesomeness)
    -having more than one room where i can put my stuff and live in... like an office
-living with my husband and being able to hang out past a curfew of 11 (i lived at my church as a resident at a girls house and the girls and boys couldn't be out past 11)
-my kitty Puma

things i don't like
-keeping up on groceries

things i didn't think i'd like but i do:

We decided on having 2 honeymoons since i had to be home after 5 days to finish the school year. my second honeymoon is to Hawaii and we are pumped! only 1 more day until we leave

I finished a whole bunch of books that i didn't think i would: Breaking Dawn, Harry Potter 7, Short Life of Bree Tanner, and the Sisters Grimm and almost finished with The White Queen (Phillipa Gregory)

Looking Forward to:
The Red Queen and anything else by Phillipa Gregory

Reading Now:
Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver

Books Finished:
Dead Until Dark
What No One Tells the Bride
The Remnant
Harry potter 7
Sisters Grimm
Breaking Dawn
Short Life of Bree Tanner

I just joined a Book Club with my friends and one of them is writing about it over at: Reading Under the Influence
Right now we are reading Prodigal Summer. Maybe i'll do a review.
When its my turn I'm not sure what book to choose since it should be one everyone hasn't read yet...  
does the blog world have any ideas to share??please!
8/25 books in 2010!