Monday, June 7, 2010

After the Wedding

So it happened... its done and over with...

and I'm MARRIED!

Man.. it was a whirlwind of crazy.
1. grandpa died a week before
2. had the wake and funeral all beforehand
3. on to the wedding (we were all very at peace after he passed and thank god for that)
4. bachelorette party... fun swimming night and slept over a hotel
5. had the rehearsal dinner, after the part where we had to talk in front of everyone it got good (i hate talking in front of other people)
6. wedding day:
-get up at 5 am
-get hair done at 6 am
-get to the wedding place
-get makeup done
-get some pictures of getting ready
-go get married
-have a receiving line ( i would totally recommend this! it saves time instead of you having to meet and greet during dinner and dancing)
-get quick pictures done (not happy about that)
-eat dinner and dance!

i'm so glad its over!