Thursday, September 2, 2010

busy as a bee

does life ever stop being busy? 

this summer has been the busiest of my life.. i think. or atleast has had the most things happen in 3 months. i didn't really want to post this since i know there are people out there who are way busier than me but this blog is about me... so here goes.

planning for a wedding was horrible (in my opinion), but the honeymoon afterwords made it not so bad. because you knew you could do whatever you want with the person you love. downtime, sort of. well not so much in my case. my husband considers vacations as a time to explore, and so do i... sometimes. we went to hawaii (i've started making a post with pictures but i dont have all of them and i dont really remember all the places we went.. :) ) on a cruise but didnt spend anytime on the boat because we were too busy hiking and driving all over the islands. 

when we got home, babysitting started back up right away. i babysit all through the year, teach during the day, but summertime i was on for the whole day (i babysit a boy with down syndrome and his sister) try babysitting for 8 hours 5 days a week and making things up for them to do... not fun. busyness 

then came my husbands sisters wedding, i was the maid of honor. it was really cute. they had it in their parents backyard and afterwords it was a pool party!

so my life was already busy enough when life threw me a twist. the school i work for closed. bam... no job. sigh. since sitting around and feeling bad for yourself doesn't do much but start fights encouraging conversations what can you do but jump right into trying to find another job. that's been my life this whole summer, trying to find a job. not fun, as many of you know.

my family and us just recently went to LBI, NJ for some fun in the sun. even tho my husband and i only went for 3 days it still was great to get away... 

 in the end.. having a busy life is better then having a boring one i guess..
what's that you say? quit complaining? yea i know :)