Wednesday, September 22, 2010

i've been thinking a lot about this blog and whether or not i'm doing a good job at it. i know i'm not posting well, nor am i keeping my posts generally about one thing.. confusing and not cool i know.
so i'm going to try to do better with talking about my life and the books i love. we'll see how it goes because apparently this is how its supposed to be:

so remember when i told you i was unemployed here? well i found a job! and it would be really cool if i had started working there... but i haven't. why? they need to get the people i put down as references to actually answer the phone... it sucks. shouldn't they have done my references before they offered me the job? if they already said you're hired shouldn't i just start work? you obviously trusted me enough to hire me so why can't i start?
oh i didn't tell you my new job did i?
 its called kindercare, its a daycare for babies to preschool. i was going for the preschool since its what i love but when i went back the second time that was already filled... so i took the infants! yay! they are so cute. i prob should have looked for a preschool job but i do love babies and wanted just to try it out. so we'll see how it goes.
i just thought i'd put this out there since we're talking about babies: i'm not going to get pregnant (hopefully) for 2 years. its a decision that my husband likes to change everytime we talk about it. i can't wait to have a baby, but then again i can wait. wait for more money.. wait for selfishness to lessen... wait for a better house/neighborhood.. so much to think about and wait for.

enough about babies... back to what's going on right now. i haven't had babysitting for 2 weeks. so i have free days. i love waking up and relaxing at home. then i decide what i want to do. these days have actually been great because i've finally gotten some things done that i should have done before.

-change last name:
  -social security CHECK!
  -license CHECK!
  -passport uh not yet.. i need to get a picture and i'm a little wary(sp?) about having to give away my passport with all my awesome stamps from brazil and israel...
  -credit cards/etc eh..

-get bridesmaid dress getting it today!
-work out uh sort of..
-go through honeymoon pics and made an album started 2 days ago and hopefully i'll do some today


getting things done feels great since i love to procrastinate.

p.s. that book guess that no one guessed is The Host by Stephenie Meyer...

so i guess my question is scrap the book guess or keep it?