Monday, September 27, 2010

Rach's Shower

Rach is my soon to be sister-in-law, marrying my brother Dan.
They have a lovely group of 21 people in their wedding party.. yup I said 21. 
I must say tho, it was awesome having a lot of help when doing the shower.

This time I wasn't in charge of directing the shower, which is nice. I got to just show up and help put things together. 

For their theme, we choose MUSIC.
For many reasons:
-my brother plays the guitar
-he used to be in a band
-they both love music
-he is going to have a career with music
-they love to go to concerts


My brothers present

 CDs of love songs that are their taste

The lovely couple shows up!

The shoe game:
If you don't already know, the shoe game is a fun little way to see how much the couple knows or thinks about each other. You start with the couple holding one of their own shoes and one of their significant others shoes. Then you ask questions like who will do the dishes. They answer by raising the shoe of the person who they think will do that. It can get funny, like who will change the babies diaper, who will say sorry first, who is best with money, etc.

The next game was to have fun with the Bride-to-Be. 
Beforehand they asked the groom questions about himself. Then they asked the Bride these questions to see how well she knows him. Some were hard (who was his 5th grade teacher?) Some were easy (what color are his eyes?) The twist: Everytime she gets an answer wrong, she needs to chew a piece of gum. Background: Rach has never chewed gum ever... EVER. So needless to say, she had to chew gum and it was funny watching her.

Following the food: Tomato Bisque/Chicken salad
and following the music theme we had Rach's brother-in-law make a funny song about the couple. 
It was to the tune of Free Falling.

 After opening the gifts, they had some fun:
 Rach and her mom