Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Missionary Work

This year our Brazil trip was canceled do to the missionaries who live in Brazil were 9 months pregnant! 

It feels weird not going and doing bible skits, singing songs, and doing fun little crafts in Portuguese. 

It feels weird not taking almost 2 weeks out of my summer and spending it with children of God who might not have heard of his name before. 

It feels weird not going to the orphanages to do morning and afternoon bible school.

It feels weird not trying to communicate with kids who think you know Portuguese but really you only know a little.  

It feels weird not being exhausted after 2 weeks of being up since 5 am till 10 or 11 pm but never feeling better because of the love God shows us through the special children.
yea that's me napping... sometimes you just need a nap

It feels weird not waking up and finding huge spiders on your bedroom walls.... um wait scratch that... i don't miss that.

Even though I didn't get to go to Brazil and do missionary work, I can still look at where I am right now. Right outside my door there is missionary work to be done.. a smile, a helpful hand, telling someone Jesus loves them.

what ways do you do missionary work?