Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving came .. and went. It went by so quickly that i feel like we skipped over it to quickly get ready for Christmas. We went to Chris's (my husband) grandma's house with his whole family there and had a great dinner filled with turkey, mashed potatos, stuffing, and apple & pumpkin pie. Then came Black Friday, which I am not a fan of. I don't find waking up super early to get great deals, that are only great deals because they blew up the price then put 60% off on it, fun. We did get most of our Christmas shopping done that day, tho it was not early in the morning.

We also got our 1st Christmas tree ever, along with my sister-in-law.
We got it at Home Depot (exciting I know) and when we got it home, our kitty went crazy! While it was tied up, she climbed up the whole thing. While we were trying to screw the trunk in, she was attacking the branches and our hands. While we were decorating it she was attacking the lights and batting at all the ornaments. Thankfully she stopped and just likes to look at it.
Saturday we helped my brother and sister-in-law cut down their tree. Here is the story in picture form:
Trax farm - Christmas trees on a hill!

The guys: (from left to right) Jon(brother-in-law), Dan(brother), Chris(husband)

Me climbing during the -10 degree windy weather (Girls you can't see: jamie(sister-in-law) Rachel(sister-in-law/photo taker)

Dan contemplating... with an axe

Hmmmm maybe a saw

Jon with said saw

Chris... who was not even that cold

Found the tree, now starting to cut it down

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Chris's turn

it was crazy cold but a pretty cool experience. i'm glad we got to join in on the fun of cutting down their 1st christmas tree as a married couple.  
We then went home and decorated our own 1st christmas tree.
Surprisingly I had a bunch of ornaments!

I am now on the last day of my awesome 4 day weekend... which was greatly needed, also known as Sunday. I am hosting our Book Club after church. The book: Feed by M.T Anderson.

I can't believe Monday is already here. Can't wait for Christmas break!