Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2nd try

Day 1 Monday - Simplify and Cleanse:
Fitness Rx: Detox Your Body - Yoga Release Routine and Walk for 10 Min
Yay for actually starting the 28 day challenge! i did both the yoga release routine and the back strengthening routine today. still trying to add more water. i get about 1 whole water bottle a day which isn't much but it's alot for me and it makes me wake up at all hours of the night having to go to the bathroom!
Day 2 Tuesday - Adapt and Adjust:
Fitness Rx: Strengthen Your Back - Back Strengthening Routine and Walk for 10 Min
no routine but i did walk for 30 min
Today: Day 3 Wednesday - Take Notes
Start a stress log - i might just skip this part
Sip Smart - This part has you drink hot water with lemon because it helps stimulate your digestive system and promote cleansing. It sounds interesting and since I have a snow day off I might as well try it!
Fitness Rx: Yoga Release Routine and Walk for 15 min
Since i know myself, I am going to have to stop everything i'm doing and just do the routine or else it won't get done.... The walking part will have to wait until my husband gets home so we can go to work out.

Planning ahead:
Day 4 Thursday: 
Segue into Sleep - Find a way to mellow out before bedtime
Fitness RX - Walk 20 min, back strengthening routine
Day 5 Friday:
Fitness Rx - Yoga Release Routine AND Back Strengthening Routine and 20 min walk

So I have been reading almost everyday since the start of the new year. I've finished: Matched, and The Water Wars. Now I'm starting Across the Universe.