Saturday, January 1, 2011

the time i accepted a challenge

The Whole Living Action Plan: 28 Day Challenge that is...

I'm a little late in committing myself to this but better late then never right? So this challenge comes from and to see the quick run down check out this.
Ok, time to get real.. I'm only doing half of what they ask you to do. I'm not doing the food part where they make you detox and eat healthier... that's probably the part I should be doing but I'm not ready to change my whole way of eating. Especially when I'm starting a new job at the same time. It's a little too much all at once. I'm mostly focusing on the fitness and life portions. I've been lazy and slacking on working out and now is the best time to push myself with a challenge that tells you what to do! It starts you off slow too so I won't start off gung ho (spelling?? oh well) and then quit the next day. Doing things like yoga poses, strengthening your muscles, and walking leading up to running. Just small things to add to my day now that I have some time after work to do things.

I'm not one to make resolutions but I read this great post about intentions and how we should make resolutions based on how we want to feel. So this is my way of starting off the new year with trying something new and feeling great about it.
I'm going to post a couple times a week how the challenge is going and what I accomplished. It's probably going to consist of me making up some excuse on how I couldn't find time to exercise but hey I'm just going to give it a try. So follow me on my journey to challenge myself:

Saturday (Jan 1) and Sunday (Jan 2): Weekend Prep Days
Start by Sipping Water - Much easier said than done. Today was supposed to start the prep day but like I said I started late and didn't get to do today. Tomorrow, Sunday, however, I will be trying to drink as much water as possible. I don't think I'll be able to get up to the desired 8 glasses right away.. that's definitely going to take some time. As of today I probably only had a half a glass of water... horrible I know. 
Get the Right Gear - I already have running shoes and work out clothes so I'm good.
Find an At-Home Sanctuary - Hmm, this one is a little hard. It says to find a quiet space for meditation, yoga, and other stress-reducing techniques. The bedroom? It'll have to do. 
Cut Out More Caffeine - This is for decreasing your coffe intake, and since I don't drink coffee I'm one step ahead!
Share the News - Blogging is my way of keeping me responsible.
Reflect - I'm doing this challenge to reduce stress and to pick up some healthy habits.
Get Some Sleep - We'll see how this goes, I'm pretty good at getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep. Maybe keeping track of my bedtimes and when I wake up will show me what I need to do to get enough rest. 

So the Challenge begins on Monday, January 3rd. Let the Challenge begin!

What did you do to bring in the New Year?