Sunday, December 26, 2010

Winter Wonderland

For Christmas we drove to CT with my brother and sister-in-law and kitty. What fun it was driving with a litterbox! We had a great christmas opening presents in the morning, going to mass, and then spending time with the whole family for dinner.  Then Sunday came and we all got together again for a christening for my cousins daughter. It just so happens that the blizzard of 2010 decided to brew before we left. No matter how prepared the workers were, the roads just couldn't be kept plowed with all that snow. It was coming down hard. Might I say how awesome it was! I love snow! My kitty does too. We bought a harness for the trip so she could walk around outside and she loved jumping and rolling in the snow. Then the wind was too much for her and she just waited for me to carry her back in. 

This time (6:30pm) tomorrow the snow will finally stop and hopefully it will be ok to celebrate my dad's 50th birthday at a nice dinner. It's been a full, busy vacation and I have a new job to look forward to starting in January. A new start for a new year!

Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and great New Year! 

How do you celebrate Christmas?