Sunday, March 20, 2011

Candor Review

I've been reading a lot lately and finding some really good books out there that help quench my thirst after reading The Hunger Games, Twilight, and Harry Potter. I've opened the door to a world of Dystopian books that I can't seem to get enough of. This week I'll be reviewing a lot!

by Pam Bachorz
Youth Fiction
249 pages

Everything is perfect in the town of Candor, Florida. Teens respect their elders, do their chores, and enjoy homework...
because they're controlled by subliminal messages.
Oscar Banks, the son of the town's founder, is the model of perfection: class president, top student, shining example. But it's only a disguise. Unlike all the other Candor teens, he knows about the Messages, and he fights them with his own counterprogramming.
Only oscar knows how to get kids out of Candor- for a price.
When Nia moves into town, Oscar is smitten by her tart attitude and ability to see through his perfect-boy front. He can't stand to see her changed by the Messages. Now he must decide to help Nia escape Candor and lose her forever, or keep her close and risk exposure.

This book was a great read. Easy and relaxing with its wording. I was brought into this world right from the start and it was so believable! A whole town where people listen to music all day long and get along perfectly. Very creative. The subliminal messages are a scary idea. I love that the man who created this town's son is the only one aware of the trick and that he works to get kids out of the town. It's just him and his dad, his mom left them after their older son was killed. I can totally see why the dad thought to make the messages, to keep what he had left. Then in comes this girl who is a rebel and Oscar falls for her. Then it turns into this action book to try to save her. It really kept me reading. The ending is great but frustrating! 

4.5 Stars

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