Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Crazy Week

Two weekends ago, Chris and I decided to get out of the house and do something. We ended up driving to Washington D.C. and planned on spending the weekend at his parents house in Maryland, an hour away from D.C. We spent the night in Maryland on Friday, then Saturday we drove to D.C. When we got their we noticed our car was making this weird noise that we had never heard before but it was still drivable so we parked and decided to just enjoy our day. It just so happened to be the windiest day of the millenium. It was so windy that I basically got wind burn on my cheeks. We were able to visit a few places before we couldn't take it any longer, some are walking pictures and others are drive bys:

yea i love him

the pentagon...

So we drove straight to a car shop to get the car fixed.... and found out that we were lucky we made it from DC to Maryland. Needless to say we decided to sell the car and buy a new one with a warranty. (Something we haven't had) We get home on Monday after his parents got home and we borrowed their car to get back (and also car shopping). Started looking for cars immediately and bought our first new car together that Wednesday.
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