Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gathering Blue Review

"Mother? " There was no reply. She hadn't expected one. Her mother had been dead, now, for four days, and Kira could tell that the last of the spirit was drifting away ... Now she was all alone.

Left orphaned and physically flawed in a civilization that shuns and discards the weak, Kira faces a frighteningly uncertain future. Her neighbors are hostile and no one but a small boy offers to help. When she is summoned to judgement by The Council of Guardians, Kira prepares to fight for her life. But the Council, to her surprise, has plans for her. Blessed with an almost magical talent that keeps her alive, the young girl faces new responsibilities and a set of mysteries deep within the only world she has ever known. On her quest for truth, Kira discovers things that will change her life and world forever. A compelling examination of a future society, Gathering Blue challenges readers to think about community, creativity, and the values that they have learned to accept. Once again Lois Lowry brings readers on a provocative journey that inspires contemplation long after the last page is turned.

This book was a great change to the romance that I usually want to read. Just because there wasn't romance doesn't mean it wasn't worth reading. Lowery did a great job showing a village where there is no peace or love shown to one another, just looking out for number one. It made me so mad to read how the parents always fought, the mothers always hit their children, and the neighbors never looked after one another. Poor Kira had to grow up in this world with a deformed leg, which makes it easier to pick on. Her gift of being an artist with cloth and finding another artist friend made the story better. I was, for some readon, loved Matt's way of speaking. The author did a great job with his primal language. The ending was a great little ray of hope. 
                                                     4/5 stars ****

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