Saturday, July 9, 2011

fourth of july weekend

fourth of july weekend was filled with family, friends, and relaxing. chris had monday off so we went to Maryland where his parents live to spend the weekend. saturday we arrived and went to he Antietam Battlefield to see the fireworks, I love fireworks! it seemed fitting to have an American Independence celebration where a battle took place. then saturday and sunday we relaxed by the pool with friends who had come down. there were so many of us in his parents house that every single room was filled. (they have a doctors office attached to their house/ his mom is a doctor/ and so even the patient rooms were filled!) there were a total of 9 children/babies, about 17 adults, and 3 animals. crazy! now that we're back chris got sick, go figure!

Feeding one of the 10 babies! Joking there were only like 4

Taking a break from reading

cookout! (i am wearing a bathing suit.... trust me)