Monday, June 8, 2009

As promised...

*Update* I just noticed these pictures are tiny and when you click them they are still tiny.. so I have to try to grab the bigger ones... sorry for the long wait my internet doesn't work! no worries, i'll get them up soon.

So my friend recently got married in CT and it was pretty sweet. However... i failed at being a blogger because I forgot my camera! So i had to steal.. i mean borrow some pics from my friends camera...

So this is Em and me.. (a little palindrome for ya)
The Maldo girls...
yes we are sisters
no we do not look alike..
We have some very special friends... that love to torture us...

The bride and groom caught in action (great picture!)
They really do love each other!
Cute cake.. I happen to love purple
Apparently my friend needs a bib to eat.. weird
My almost, soon to be, sister-in-law caught the bouquet! and her boyfriend caught the garter! big surprise! lol.
Trying to look cute.. Let me know what you think! Puerto Rico pictures are coming in a slideshow.. there is just too many of them, but I will explain why I went in another post.. till then, cya!