Thursday, November 19, 2009

wedding stuff

since i am engaged and on my way to getting married i figured i would blog about what i have done to get ready for it.

my first decision was the wedding hall. which is amazing and my favorite thing! i can't believe how blessed and lucky i was to bag this place:
The Waterview
so its great. and i have it already booked so that takes a big weight off my shoulders.
i'm a procrastinator so i am surprised that i have this checked off my list.

next thing i finished off my list was my dress. i wanted to be unique and completely different from the hundreds of friends that have been married before me. ok so its not really hundreds but its close. was i able to find one unique and looking good on me? no. this dress is beautiful and my favorite but it is not as unique as i wanted it. oh well. i'm picky and things didnt look right on me so .. here were my favs:

this backless dress

beach dress
v-neck dress
lace dress
so which one do u think i choose?
now i've chosen my invitations but i have yet to order them. these are all such big decisions and i can't believe how many i've made. i've also got my registry going which is the funnest thing in the world right now. i love putting things on a registry and thinking about where i'll put it in my house!