Thursday, May 13, 2010

15 days

sorry for not posting...
i'm really busy with my wedding being only 15 days away and all...

everyone keeps asking if i'm excited/nervous.. i'm not sure how i feel. i feel happy to finally be getting married to my best friend. but other than that i hate attention so i just want it to get here and have fun and be over with!

what i am excited for is:
-time off from school
-time with my family in CT
-being able to see my fiance for more than 4 days a week!
-good food
-awesome relaxing vacation/honeymoon!

i've noticed i'm not very good with planning and getting things done. at this point, if its not done and doesn't get done soon i'm not going to bother with it. in the end i dont want to go crazy making sure everything is perfect. i want to be able to actually enjoy this time!

i really want to make a list of all of the things gone wrong (there's alot!) but you dont need me complaining so i'll try to look on the bright side and thank God for all the things gone right:

-my fiance getting his internship
-going on 2 awesome honeymoons (Cancun & Hawaii) that are already paid for!
-someone surprised us and got us a ride from the reception to our hotel (CT to NY)
-the wedding is in CT at an amazing hall
-i got a substitute for 2 whole weeks!
-my fiance got his groomsmen gifts all set (and i didnt really have to ask!)