Friday, May 14, 2010


Here's my updated To Do list:

-buy and make bridesmaid gifts got the picture frames... 50% done
-get shoes, veil, and underthings for wedding day hopefully Sat!
-figure out make-up/skin routine eh
-go tanning once a week 1st session today!
-figure out out of town bags eh.. do i really have to??
-to wax or not to wax that is the question (legs and underarms)
-finish thank you notes only like 10 more left!
-ask friend to play music during the ceremony check!
-get a hotel room for wedding night
-get a ride from wedding to new york hotel someone surprised us!
-get ideas for my bachelorette party Sing Sing here we come
-find a substitute for my Preschool/Kindergarten class while I'm gone check
-buy and make favors bought!
-book rehearsal dinner place check!
-make and send out rehearsal invitations check! (done by motherinlaw)
-ask people to read at the ceremony
-pick out songs and our wedding song reception songs done!
-shop for honeymoon stuff
-seating chart
-list of people coming

In other news: i finished a book... by finished i mean i skimmed the last few pages because i just haven't been able to get into it and it was due back in the library...

Now i need a couple of books to bring for plane reading..... hmmm...
maybe eclipse since the movie is almost out and i dont remember what happens..

Books Finished:
Dead Until Dark
What No One Tells the Bride
The Remnant

4/25 books in 2010!