Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I know i promised some pictures.... those will be coming soon. Wedding pictures too since I just got the CD. But I've been really busy pretty much since the beginning of May and it hasn't stopped. Things just keep coming.

My Busy Summer:
-My Wedding May 29
-Honeymoon #1 Cancun May 30-June5
-School Finished June 10
-Work Week 3rd Week of June
-Honeymoon #2 Hawaii June 16-27
-Sister-in-laws Wedding July 10
-Husband starts Internship July 12
-Babysitting work continues
-Find out my school closed and now I need to do Job Hunting
-Husbands Birthday July 18 (Secret Party!)

I can't wait until I have a rest. Yea the honeymoons were a rest and were amazing.

So here are some Wedding pics to show you a peek!