Thursday, July 29, 2010 wedding...

Before the Wedding:

All set and ready to go....
Now its time for me to get ready... after that lovely 6 am hair appointment

Cute sisters

Even my brother was ready before me...

Cutest flower girl... before she got inside she fell and busted her lip open and bled everywhere... poor thing She made it down the aisle tho! 
Finally dressed

Wedding Time:
Yay for long walks down the aisle... not
The ring

The candle (note to self: candles don't light when there is wind)(no that is not a smudge on my face... apparently the camera had a glitch, 2pts for whoever can find the black smudge in the other pics!)

and we're married!

the crew

 having fun

The boys

The girls

the cake

the dance
 the end!