Sunday, October 3, 2010


Dear Child Outside My Window,
Before I started working, I had a lovely schedule of sleeping until 8 am. But you decided to stand outside my window at 7:30 am and continuously scream at the top of your lungs. Thanks.... thanks alot.

Dear Mom Of Child Outside My Window,
Your child was screaming outside my window early in the morning and you didn't think to take her hand or hold her and continue walking? Did you really think it was a great idea to let your child scream bloody murder in a neighborhood on the way to school?

Dear Truck Driver,
You almost hit my car. It's cool and all since you didn't but man... I thought I was going to have a huge dent in my new (i just bought) car. Thanks for not hitting me.

Dear Place I Work At,
When you told me I was going to be in the infant room and then switched me to toddlers, that was not cool. Toddlers are little people who love to throw, dump, run, and scream all day long. I go home exhausted with sore muscles because I have to pick up after them, carry them to their cot a million times because the words lay down don't work, and change their diapers all day long. Do you really believe having lesson plans are a good idea for this age? I'd like you to try and get all 10 of them to sit quietly while you read a book and then try to get them all to dance or act like animals. Not happening. Oh, don't worry. I'll love my own children and be ok when it comes to entertaining them, but thats because I'll only have 1 (or 2) at a time, not 10. 
p.s. not having enough employees to give the regular teachers a break is criminal!

Dear Husband,
I know that when I come home from work I'm grumpy and exhausted.... sorry.
p.s. playing football in 50 degree whether while its raining may result in a cold. and since i'm not home during the day and come home late and grumpy and exhausted i probably wont be able to take care of you... sorry.