Sunday, October 31, 2010

75th post: Halloween Edition

My husband and I are getting together with some friends and having a Halloween/Steelers Game Party. Costume or steeler apparel necessary. I'm all about the Halloween part and my husband is all about the Steelers Game part. What a pair we make. He did however agree to dress up with me. Finding the perfect couple outfit is not easy. We bounced ideas back and forth until the last minute, ie right before I decided to write this post.

Popeye - Olive Oyl (he really wants this one for some reason.. prob to show off his muscles)
Edward - Bella
Bill - Sookie
Soccer players
Hermione - Harry (yes i'm aware they are not a couple but Ron was not an option)

It had to be homemade because those Halloween costume prices of 40-50 bucks is not happening..
So try and guess what we are and I'll share pictures tomorrow soon.

Do you have any awesome ideas for next year - couple costumes?