Friday, May 13, 2011

So I took a break from the blogging world, mostly because I had nothing to say. My normal life is just too boring to write about. For example:
Every weekday morning I get up at 6:35, get ready to go to work (school).
By 8:30 the kids are in the classroom reaking (wrecking??) havoc on my sensitive nervous system.
(They're not that bad really, just one)
At 3 I'm done and I either go:
Mon - babysit till 6:30
Tues- babysit till 6:30
Wed- church 6-9
Thur - babysit till 6:30
Fri - day off

My weekends are my only days off but they tend to be filled with things to do that are no blog worthy.

So what should I write about? Well I can finally answer that question:
Chris and I are re-doing his childhood home and turning it into our home!

When his parents moved out they kept the house and had renters move in. (Out of college guys renting a room) Since then they have ruined the house and probably never once cleaned it. We have the lovely job of tearing most of it down and building it back up. It all started at the beginning of May and I am waiting for school to end so I can help, 15 days not that I'm counting.

So pictures will follow of the renovation and rebuilding, hope you enjoy!